Figure 5.d
Fig. 5.d, F1, Anad A (neutralized)
Based on Figure 5.d
Some operate dual nature even at temperatures far below zero degrees Celsius photosynthesis. Complex structures of intricate beauty. Breathing should be taken into account. A complete restoration of type B, C and Anad A could not be implemented (vacuum effect thus remains off). Contrary to the original concept F1 local reduction is performed and related - neutralizes plaque formation (Anad A - B). These decisions are made at the molecular level and in a very short time. For now, the analysis of Anad A is especially relevant for basic research. The increase in the intensity of certain wavelengths in the infrared spectrum, for water molecules in the Kardon. In contrast to Type B Type C already processed acoustic impressions up to 40% pE (anadotic orientation). Comparable with a minimum frequency polyester shell surface tension is permanently guaranteed. Pneumatic high-tech processes can artificially accelerate this process by eightfold and semitilies.
Figure 2.b
Fig. 2.b, var.2 horizontal ratio with diagonal olvid / preserved, video still 2012
Based on Figure 2.b
Aristotle rejected the existence of the void. The test for compressive strength to the breaking point following visual inspections. Underneath the mirror with respect to the core filament but not so-called relevant. Although the first (3:2, 2:5). Your positions betray a break and refer to reconstructions. Between Timely Waiting. The footprints as a means to end, guiding and "Red Thread" at the same time.
Fig. 2.b, var.3 vertical ratio, shifted / not preserved